Domaine Coulange

Winegrower Christelle Coulange can trace her family’s ownership of the vineyards at Domaine Coulange back to 1723.  The Domaine’s vineyards are located at the northwestern limits of the southern Rhône Valley, where Grenache-dominated vineyards give way to Syrah-dominated plantings in the northern Valley.  The two Côtes du Rhône bottlings of Domaine Coulange show these two sides of the Rhône.  Christelle’s wines have garnered numerous awards and earned many enthusiastic fans.

Côtes du Rhône “Rochelette”
Syrah 80%, Grenache 20%
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Côtes du Rhône “Mistral”
Grenache 80%, Syrah 20%
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Côtes du Rhône Blanc

Grenache Blanc 40%, Viognier 20%, Roussanne 20%, Marsanne 20%
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