Calvados Morin

UntitledHanded down from generation to generation since 1889, Calvados Morin is one of the oldest companies in Normandy.  Currently under the leadership of Pierre-Yves Viry, the family’s eaux de vie of various ages all manifest the Morin touch — ancestral know-how guiding the blend of bitter, bittersweet, tart, and sweet apples to obtain a rich palette of flavors, then maturing older bottlings in Limousin oak casks in humid troglodytic caves.

FRONT - MorinSelection

Calvados “Selection”
Aged 2-3 years
UPC: 0 40232 58270 7
NABCA: 49712


FRONT - MorinVSOP FRONT - MorinHorsdAge




Calvados “V.S.O.P.”
Aged 4-6 years
UPC: 0 40232 58271 4






Calvados “Hors d’Age”
Aged 15 years
UPC: 0 40232 58272 1