Edmond Briottet

gen_06The Briottet family of Dijon started in the wine business in 1836, passing through six generations to brother & sister Vincent & Claire Briottet today.  Gradually, the family moved away from wines and into production of Crème de Cassis.  Following the most exacting standards, Briottet crème liqueurs are made only by macerating fruit in neutral alcohol, then sweetening with sugar.


publicViewAttachmentCrème de Cassis de Dijon
made from Noir de Bourgogne black currents grown in the Côte d’Or
750ml UPC :  3 153330 207018
375ml UPC :  3 153330 208015



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Crème de Framboise
made from Heritage variety raspberries
375ml UPC :  3 153330 188027



Crème de Pêche de Vigne
made with wild peaches grown near Beaune
375ml UPC :  3 153330 188065