Hobo Wine Company

Kenny Likitprakong describes himself as a “hobo winemaker.”  Starting in 2002 with no winery, no vineyards, no employees, not even a truck, he set out to make small-lot wines “on the skinny.”  Since then he has made a passel of wines under a handful of brands, and in 2013 took the leap of converting an old warehouse into a bona fide winery.  Here is how he describes his approach: “We believe in unforced wines. We believe in making the best wine possible, but there are lines we are not willing to cross. We believe in minimal processing as a goal, but modern winemaking as an option. Stylistically, we strive for balance above all else, but varietal and geographical distinction are also goals.”  The result is a collection of distinctive wines of character & interest.


publicviewattachmentCamp Cabernet Sauvignon
UPC : 8 99332 00401 1







publicviewattachment-1Camp Zinfandel
UPC : 8 99332 00404 2








Camp Chardonnay
UPC : 8 99332 00400 4







Folk Machine Central Coast Pinot Noir
UPC : 8 99332 00204 8






Folk Machine Chalone Pinot Noir
Antle Vineyard

no UPC




Folk Machine Parts & Labor
44% Syrah, 30% Carignane, 12% Grenache, 10% Barbera
UPC : 8 99332 00214 7




Folk Machine Dry Riesling

UPC : 8 99332 00210 9








Folk Machine White Light
30% Tocai Friulano, 36% Riesling, 23% Verdelho, 11% Sauvignon Blanc
UPC : 8 99332 00217 8