Big Table Farm

1Clare Carver and Brian Marcy moved from Napa to the Willamette Valley in 2006, with the goal of making art and managing livestock and growing wine on their 70-acre farm.  The winery’s name reflects the couple’s desire to create a gracious and welcoming table to share quality, hand-crafted food and wine.  Wines are made in tiny lots, naturally fermented with ambient yeasts, gently handled, and only minimally sulfured.  Vineyard-designated wines are limited to restaurants only.  Clare creates new hand-letterpressed labels for the wines every year, but previous labels posted here demonstrate their lovely æsthetic.

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Brooks Winery

imagesHaving spent some time traveling and working in Beaujolais, Portland native Jimi Brooks returned to Oregon to found Brooks Winery in 1998.  When Jimi died unexpectedly in 2004, the winery’s ownership passed to his then-8-year-old son Pascal.  Today, under the leadership of Jimi’s sister Janie and his longtime winemaker-friend Chris Williams, Brooks winery continues to practice Jimi’s vision of biodynamic farming to produce expressive, balanced Riesling & Pinot Noir.

publicviewattachmentPinot Noir Willamette Valley




JanusPN14 frntPinot Noir “Janus”






Pinot Noir “Temperance Hill”


2.75x4.75BrooksRiesling07 ft




Dry Riesling Willamette Valley





Riesling Bois Joli Vineyard





Amycas Blend
Riesling 44%, Pinot Blanc 21%, Muscat 15%, Gewurztraminer 10%, Pinot Gris 10%

Hobo Wine Company

Kenny Likitprakong describes himself as a “hobo winemaker.”  Starting in 2002 with no winery, no vineyards, no employees, not even a truck, he set out to make small-lot wines “on the skinny.”  Since then he has made a passel of wines under a handful of brands, and in 2013 took the leap of converting an old warehouse into a bona fide winery.  Here is how he describes his approach: “We believe in unforced wines. We believe in making the best wine possible, but there are lines we are not willing to cross. We believe in minimal processing as a goal, but modern winemaking as an option. Stylistically, we strive for balance above all else, but varietal and geographical distinction are also goals.”  The result is a collection of distinctive wines of character & interest.

publicviewattachmentCamp Cabernet Sauvignon
UPC : 8 99332 00401 1







publicviewattachment-1Camp Zinfandel
UPC : 8 99332 00404 2








Camp Chardonnay
UPC : 8 99332 00400 4







Folk Machine Central Coast Pinot Noir
UPC : 8 99332 00204 8






Folk Machine Chalone Pinot Noir
Antle Vineyard

no UPC




Folk Machine Parts & Labor
44% Syrah, 30% Carignane, 12% Grenache, 10% Barbera
UPC : 8 99332 00214 7




Folk Machine Dry Riesling

UPC : 8 99332 00210 9








Folk Machine White Light
30% Tocai Friulano, 36% Riesling, 23% Verdelho, 11% Sauvignon Blanc
UPC : 8 99332 00217 8

Illahe Vineyards

horsedrawn1horses2The winery explains that ILLAHE, pronouned “Ill-Uh-Hee,” is Chinook jargon for “place,” “earth,” or “soil.”  The winery aims to make wine “as naturally as possible, from soil to bottle.”  The wines are small-lot, sustainably grown, dry-farmed, hand-picked, horse-drawn, basket-pressed, and unfiltered.  The winery is solar-powered, LIVE (low-input viticulture & enology) certified, and salmon-safe.

As admirable as their farming practice is, it is the quality of the wines that brings the payoff for all of that hard work.  These Pinot Noir and dry white wines offer pure & distinctive varietal character and authentic, delicious expression of a sense of place.

publicViewAttachment-4 IllaheSauvage publicViewAttachment


Pinot Noir Willamette Valley
UPC:  8 04879 12637 9





Pinot Noir “Bon Sauvage”
no UPC






Pinot Noir Reserve “Percheron”
no UPC





Pinot Noir “Project 1899”
no UPC







UPC:  8 04879 15410 5








Grüner Veltliner
UPC:  8 04879 15411 2

Illahe PG




Pinot Gris
UPC:  8 04879 15408 2