Domaine la Barroche

06 In the early 2000s, brother & sister Julien & Laetitia Barrot returned from other work to join forces at the vineyard that has been in their family since 1703.  Passionately pursuing new ways to give expression to the uniqueness of their terroir while respecting tradition, the Barrots have seen their hard work pay off with widespread praise, but more importantly, with a wine that embodies the loving care of the family tending its vineyards.

domainelaBarroche_02 Châteauneuf du Pape “Signature”
Grenache 65%, Mourvèdre 16%, Syrah 13%, Cinsault 5%, Others 1%
UPC : 3 760158 260028

Benjamin & David Duclaux

Brothers Benjamin & David Duclaux are fourth-generation Côte Rôtie farmers.  They manually work steep, narrow-terraced, gneiss-rich vineyards flanking the Tupin & Semons hillsides at the southern end of the appelation.  The Domaine is consistently cited in the wine press as among the very best of small producers in Côte Rôtie, and their wines express the Domaine’s terroir with precision, purity, and finesse.  To preserve the life of the vineyard’s rich gneiss soil, the Duclaux brothers farm without the use of pesticides.  With the 2014 vintage, the Duclaux brothers also started bottling a tiny-production Condrieu, named after their great-grandfather, Frédéric, who bought the Domaine in 1928.

Côte Rôtie “La Germine”
Syrah 97%, Viognier 3%
UPC:  3 595280 000217

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Condrieu “Les Caillets”
Viognier 100%
UPC:  3 595280  000149

Domaine Durand

Brothers Eric & Joël Durand farm 32 acres of Syrah in Saint-Joseph and Cornas.  Most of the vines at Domaine Durand were planted by their father, who sold grapes to négotiants.  Eric & Joël began bottling under the family name in 1991.  The wines are minerally, black-fruited, elegant expressions of Saint-Joseph & Cornas terroir.  The Domaine also produces an IGP Syrah from young, declassified vines in Saint-Joseph.

BACK - DurandEmpreintesCornas “Empreintes”
Syrah 100%
UPC : 8 10595 01167 7

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Saint-Joseph “Lautaret”
Syrah 100%
UPC :  8 10595 01147 9


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Saint-Joseph Blanc
Marsanne 50%, Roussanne 50%
UPC :  8 10595 02215 4

bat A.482 Syrah - A17183



Syrah IGP Ardèche
Syrah 100%
UPC :  8 10595 01117 2

Château l’Ermitage

Wine has been grown in the vineyards of Château l’Ermitage, in the western Rhône Valley along the pilgrimage route of Santiago de Compostella, since the 12th century.  Though Nîmes is France’s warmest city, the hilly vineyards enjoy a microclimate benefitting from cool sea breezes in summer. Proprietor Jérôme Castillon, a ninth-generation winegrower, seeks to highlight the brightness & freshness of the wines’ fruit. The winery is certified by Terra Vitis for respecting the environment at every stage of production.

ERMITA1-009-000C-BASECostières de Nîmes Blanc
Roussanne 60%, Grenache Blanc 20%, Viognier 20%
UPC :  8 12449 00301 2
ERMITA1-029-001ABACK2 - Cheval Box


Costières de Nîmes “Sainte Cécile” Rouge
Syrah 45%, Mourvèdre 45%, Grenache 10%
UPC : 8 12449 00501 6

Costières de Nîmes “Sainte Cécile” Blanc
Roussanne 70%, Viognier 20%, Grenache Blanc 10%
UPC : 8 12449 00601 3

Cheval Gris Gris de Gris Rosé
Sable de Camargue

Grenache Gris 90%, Carignan 10%
UPC : 8 12449 00283 1

Domaine de Chantepierre

Domaine de Chantepierre has belonged to Christian Paly’s family for over 500 years.  The wines, all raised in stainless steel to emphasize the freshness and purity of the fruit, represent outstanding values from the Rhône Valley.


Grenache 45%, Syrah 40%, Mourvèdre 15%
UPC:  8 90414 00171 3




Grenache 50%, the rest a mix of Syrah, Cinsault, & Carignan (black grapes); Clairette, Picpoul, & Bourboulenc (white grapes)
UPC: 8 90414 00173 7



Côtes du Rhône

Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre
UPC: 8 90414 00172 0

Domaine Coulange

Winegrower Christelle Coulange can trace her family’s ownership of the vineyards at Domaine Coulange back to 1723.  The Domaine’s vineyards are located at the northwestern limits of the southern Rhône Valley, where Grenache-dominated vineyards give way to Syrah-dominated plantings in the northern Valley.  The two Côtes du Rhône bottlings of Domaine Coulange show these two sides of the Rhône.  Christelle’s wines have garnered numerous awards and earned many enthusiastic fans.

Côtes du Rhône “Rochelette”
Syrah 80%, Grenache 20%
(no UPC)






Côtes du Rhône “Mistral”
Grenache 80%, Syrah 20%
(no UPC)


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Côtes du Rhône Blanc

Grenache Blanc 40%, Viognier 20%, Roussanne 20%, Marsanne 20%
(no UPC)

Domaine Chante Cigale

alexandre-favierI first encountered Domaine Chante Cigale with the breathtaking 1998 Châteauneuf du Pape, and I have been an advocate of the wines ever since.  The winery has been in the Sabon-Favier family since 1874.  Wines made by Alexandre Favier, both red and white, are widely recognized as among the finest wines of Châteauneuf.

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Châteauneuf du Pape Vieilles Vignes
Grenache 70%, Syrah 20%, Mourvèdre 10%
Vine age more than 80 years
UPC: 8 16467 01009 0



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Châteauneuf du Pape Tradition
Grenache 65%, Syrah 20%, Mourvèdre 10%, Cinsault 5%
750 ml UPC: 8 16467 01006 9
375 ml UPC: 8 16467 01002 1



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Bourboulenc 25%, Roussanne 25%, Clairette 25%, Grenache Blanc 25%
UPC: 8 16467 01011 3
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IGP Mediterranée “l’Apostrophe”
Grenache 70%, Cinsault 20%, Syrah 10%
UPC:  8 16467 01013 7




Vin de France “Cicada”
Grenache 80%, Carignan 20%
UPC:  8 16467 01036 6

Pierre Amadieu

Pierre Amadieu began making wine in 1929 and was one of the first to label his wines with the word “Gigondas.”  Today, the winery is a standard-bearer of quality for the region and remains a family affair.  Pierre’s nephew Claude manages the vineyards, respecting soil and tradition; grandson/namesake Pierre runs the business and makes the wines.  “I am not a follower of over-extracted wines and often ‘heavy’ to taste,” says Pierre.  “My ambition is rather to obtain well-balanced wines with a Burgundy fineness. Through the maturing I try to reveal all the elegance and the richness of our protected terroirs located on the heights of the appellation Gigondas.”

Gigondas Romane Machotte
Grenache 80%, Syrah 20%
UPC: 8 70749 00051 3




Gigondas Le Pas de l’Aigle
Grenache 85%, Syrah 15%
UPC:  8 70749 00052 0




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Côtes du Rhône “Roulepierre”
Grenache 75%, Syrah 25%
750 ml UPC:  8 70749 00020 9
375 ml UPC:  8 70749 00026 1