Château Gillet

galerie17 From generation to generation, over 150 years, the Nadau family has worked these vineyards in Faleyras — a calcareous plateau in the heart of Entre-deux-Mers.  With a passion for winegrowing inherited from their father Jean-Louis Nadau, daughters Emilie & Laetitia are now running the show, along with Emilie’s husband Rémy as cellarmaster.  The Bordeaux Blanc is an astonishing value, with its lipsmacking freshness of fruit.

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Semillon 60%, Sauvignon 40%
UPC : 3 770003 008217


Château Moulin Delille

Located in the Leyssac lieu-dit in the heart of Saint-Estèphe, this property produces flower- and fruit-scented wines of power & elegance.

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Cabernet Sauvignon 55%, Merlot 45%
UPC:  8 52187 00813 9

Château Tour du Roc Milon

The Peyronie family has farmed this property–situated between Ch. Pontet Canet and Ch. Mouton Rothschild–since the 1940s.  Pesticides are used only as a very last resort.

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Cabernet Sauvignon 60%, Merlot 20%, Cabernet Franc 15%, Malbec & Petit Verdot 5%
2011 UPC:  8 52187 00895 5
2012 UPC:  8 52187 01016 3

Château le Vieux Sérestin

Owned & ecologically farmed by the Castet family, Le Vieux Sérestin is a “Cru Artisan,” a designation of quality that predates the 1855 Bordeaux classification.  The status recognizes small family estates where the winegrowers demonstrate exceptional craftsmanship and dedication to the vines & wines.

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Cabernet Sauvignon 45%, Merlot 45%, Petit Verdot 8%, Cabernet Franc 2%
2010 UPC:  8 52187 00834 4

Château Bonalgue

This Pomerol estate produces aromatic, velvet-textured wines of both power and finesse–the apotheosis of Merlot.  Owned & managed by the Bourotte family since 1926, the vineyards consist of gravel over sandy-clay soil.

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Merlot 90%, Cabernet Franc 10%
UPC:  8 52187 00560 2

Château Pierrefitte

Grown by the Massonie family on sandy-gravel soil, Pierrefitte is a ruby-colored wine with a fruity-floral nose, good body, and a firm tannic backbone: a rich & elegant wine.

Merlot 80%, Cabernet Sauvignon 10%, Cabernet Franc 10%
2012 UPC:  8 52187 00896 2
2014 UPC:  8 52187 01139 9

Château Rocher-Calon

A lovely estate of 12 hectares on clay-limestone soil.  Grapes are hand-picked parcel by parcel to ensure full ripeness.  Traditional winemaking, in stainless vats, results in a rich and elegant wine with ripe tannins.

Montagne Saint-Émilion
Merlot 95%, Cabernet Franc 5%
750 ml UPC (2014):  8 52187 01047 7
375 ml UPC (2014):  8 52187 01048 4
375 ml UPC (2015):  8 52187 01191 7

Château Haut Mayne

Vineyards for Château Haut-Mayne are a mere 3 kilometers from those of Château d’Yquem.  This is a wine of explosive aromatics, mouth-caressing texture, flavors of dried apricot, jam, tea, and spice — a sweet wine that manages to remain elegant and balanced; an astonishing value.

Sémillon 85%, Sauvignon Blanc 15%
2013 UPC:  8 52187 01049 1
2014 UPC:  8 52187 01178 8

Zédé de Labégorce

In 2004, the Perrodo family, owners of Château Labégorce, bought the vineyards of their neighbors, the Margaux Cru Bourgeois Château Labégorce Zédé, thus reuniting properties that had been split around the time of the French Revolution.  Thus technically, Zédé de Labégorce is a “second” wine of Château Labégorce, although the former Labégorce Zédé vineyards were widely held to be the better-situated property.  Confused?  No need to be.  This is wine represents terrific value from this exalted region — meaty but round and well fruited, supple and elegant, with silky tannins.

Cabernet Sauvignon 50%, Merlot 35%, Cabernet Franc 10%, Petit Verdot 5%.
2012 UPC:  8 52187 00976 1
2014 UPC:  8 52187 01165 8





Château Tour de Luchey

Located on the banks of the Dordogne River, the Château Tour de Luchey property includes the medieval tower used centuries ago by the “luchey,” which in old French refers to the King’s usher.  His job was to check the payload of ships leaving the port of Bordeaux taking goods to the King.  The estate has been in the same family for five generations.

Bordeaux Rouge
Merlot 80%, Cabernet Franc 10%, Cabernet Sauvignon 10%
Fermented & aged in stainless steel
2015 UPC :  8 52187 01046 0