Château Godeau

The Florisoone family (owners of Ch. Calon-Ségur in Saint Estèphe) aquired this property in 2012.  Situated at the heart of Saint-Émilion’s sloping vineyards — and among prestigious neighbors! — the resulting wine is rich but harmonious, with nuances of raspberry coulis, juniper, and flowers.

Saint-Émilion Grand Cru
Merlot 95%, Cabernet Franc 5%
UPC: 8 52187 01280 8

Domaine Henri Delagrange et Fils

In 2003, Didier Delagrange & his wife Hélène assumed full control of this Domaine.  Over six generations, the winery has expanded its holdings, but remains true to a tradition of sustainable cultivation, soil preparation, debudding, de-leafing to allow air circulation, and hand-harvesting.  Satisfactory yields of healthy grapes, and a sensitivity to the nuances of each vintage, result in distinctive wines of graceful balance.

Chardonnay 100%
UPC:  8 53546 00082 5




Chardonnay 100%
UPC:  8 53546 00075 7

Calvados Morin

UntitledHanded down from generation to generation since 1889, Calvados Morin is one of the oldest companies in Normandy.  Currently under the leadership of Pierre-Yves Viry, the family’s eaux de vie of various ages all manifest the Morin touch — ancestral know-how guiding the blend of bitter, bittersweet, tart, and sweet apples to obtain a rich palette of flavors, then maturing older bottlings in Limousin oak casks in humid troglodytic caves.

FRONT - MorinSelection

Calvados “Selection”
Aged 2-3 years
UPC: 0 40232 58270 7
NABCA: 49712


FRONT - MorinVSOP FRONT - MorinHorsdAge




Calvados “V.S.O.P.”
Aged 4-6 years
UPC: 0 40232 58271 4






Calvados “Hors d’Age”
Aged 15 years
UPC: 0 40232 58272 1

Domaine de Roche-Guillon

0ca2877de3Husband & wife Bruno & Valérie Copéret now farm the vineyards planted by Bruno’s greatgrandfather in the northern area of Beaujolais.  Fleurie is known as the “Queen of Beaujolais” due to its delicate, graceful, flowery style.

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Gamay 100%
UPC:  3 760212 500015

Domaine des Gaudets

In the village of Villié-Morgon, fourth-generation winegrower Christophe Sornay ecologically farm the 12-hectare family plot, making wines of charm and elegance.

BACK - GaudetsMorgonMorgon
Gamay 100%
UPC:  3 760211 650025

Edmond Briottet

gen_06The Briottet family of Dijon started in the wine business in 1836, passing through six generations to brother & sister Vincent & Claire Briottet today.  Gradually, the family moved away from wines and into production of Crème de Cassis.  Following the most exacting standards, Briottet crème liqueurs are made only by macerating fruit in neutral alcohol, then sweetening with sugar.

publicViewAttachmentCrème de Cassis de Dijon
made from Noir de Bourgogne black currents grown in the Côte d’Or
750ml UPC :  3 153330 207018
375ml UPC :  3 153330 208015



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Crème de Framboise
made from Heritage variety raspberries
375ml UPC :  3 153330 188027



Crème de Pêche de Vigne
made with wild peaches grown near Beaune
375ml UPC :  3 153330 188065


Domaine la Barroche

06 In the early 2000s, brother & sister Julien & Laetitia Barrot returned from other work to join forces at the vineyard that has been in their family since 1703.  Passionately pursuing new ways to give expression to the uniqueness of their terroir while respecting tradition, the Barrots have seen their hard work pay off with widespread praise, but more importantly, with a wine that embodies the loving care of the family tending its vineyards.

domainelaBarroche_02 Châteauneuf du Pape “Signature”
Grenache 65%, Mourvèdre 16%, Syrah 13%, Cinsault 5%, Others 1%
UPC : 3 760158 260028

Château l’Argentier

Third-generation winegrowers Élisabeth & François Jourdan fashion these lovely indigenous varietal wines from very old vines. The vineyards are located outside the lovely village of Sommières.

publicViewAttachment publicViewAttachment-1Cinsault Vieilles Vignes
Vin de Pays

UPC : 3 760201 940013






Rosé of Aramon Vieilles Vignes
Vin de France

UPC : 3 760201 940037

Domaine Marchand-Grillot

img_7811A 1950 marriage united the Marchands of Morey-Saint-Denis with the Grillots of Gevrey-Chambertin.  Today, Jacques Marchand & his son Étienne honor the family’s six-generation roots in the Côte de Nuits by making traditional-styled, ethereal Pinot Noirs that express the beautiful vineyards where they were grown.

BACK - M-G MSDMorey-Saint-Denis
Pinot Noir 100%
UPC : 3 760200 090214




Gevrey-Velle BACK - M-G G-C P Chapelle


Gevrey-Chambertin “Au Vellé”
Pinot Noir 100%
UPC : 3 760200 090313





Gevrey-Chambertin 1er Cru “Petite Chapelle”
Pinot Noir 100%
UPC : 3 760200 090818