Wines for Thanksgiving

November 8, 2014.  Despite the kitschy commercialism that can accompany the season, I still love the holidays.  Above all, I love gathering for festive communal meals.  Here are a few of the wines that will make an appearance at my holiday table:

* 2012 Charles Baur Riesling “Cuvée Charles.”  Dry Riesling is, hands down, the best white for Thanksgiving, and this one from Alsace is pitch-perfect.  Crisp, with citrus and white flower notes and loads of minerality: it is hard to imagine a more satisfying turkey white at any price.
* 2013 Domaine Clavel Pic Saint Loup Rosé “Mescladis.”  Pink wine goes with everything on the table, and this Syrah-based blend balances elegance with spicy liveliness.  Plus it’s organic.
* NV Champagne Vollereaux Rosé de Saignée.  See above about pink wines.  This one amps things up because it is the loveliest 100% Pinot Noir Champagne you can imagine.
* 2013 Domaine des Mouilles Chénas.  I love good Beaujolais, and the Mouilles is about as good as it gets.  100% Gamay, so it is light-bodied, and grapey, but it offers surprising tannic grip, as well as a really fine note of white pepper spice.  Love it love it love it.
* 2013 Illahe Vineyards Pinot Noir Willamette Valley.  Lovely, hand-crafted Oregon Pinot — light on its feet and elegant, but lacking nothing in fruit.
* 2012 Monte Ferro Pinot.  From the warmer 2012 vintage, this one is a beautiful, ripe crowd-pleaser.  The winery is owned by transplanted Iowans, and this wine offers a lot for the money.

Bon appetit !