Wine From A Bag In A Box

September 3, 2016

Q: What is wrong with wine from a box?

A: Not a thing.

As I see it, there is one significant downside to drinking wine from a box: you cannot see how much wine remains in the box.  So you better have a backup — maybe a second box? — because there are many upsides to boxed wine:
* Price.  A three-litre box of wine costs much, much less than the volume-equivalent four bottles of the same wine.
* Environmental impact.  In terms of both packaging and freight, a box’s journey from the vineyards to your kitchen involves a much smaller carbon footprint than four bottles would.
* Convenience.  Want a glass of wine when you come home from work?  Maybe just a small glass for while you are cooking?  Or alternatively, maybe you & your tablemates want to enjoy a quantity of wine that does not line up with any set number of 750-ml bottles?  No problem!
* Freshness.  The last glass of wine from a box is every bit as delicious as the first, since the wine never encounters oxygen until it leaves the box.

Of course all of these benefits presuppose that the wine in your box is worth drinking in the first place.  I am very happy to be importing two terrific Portuguese boxed wines from Vidigal Winery, one red (Vidigal Reserva) and one white (Porta 6 Branco), available at a very reasonable price.  At any given time you are likely to find one or both of these wines on tap at my own house.  Cheers!