Ca’ Furlan Prosecco in Wine Spectator

March 21, 2016
Okay, it has been a long time since I posted here.  You may be familiar with that old Zen koan about the sound of one hand clapping; that’s what writing these entries feels like to me.  Anyone listening?  And in any event, I have been a little busy lately, focusing on other elements of my work.  But I thought it was worth noting that the current issue of Wine Spectator, which focuses on Italy — Piedmont & Prosecco especially — singles out the Ca’ Furlan Prosecco, brought into the U.S. by Regal Wine Imports and distributed in Iowa by Yours Truly, as a “Best Value.”  This is no secret to anyone who has tasted the wine.  It is darn yummy.  Labeled as “extra dry,” the wine drinks more like the dryer Brut style.  I have just returned from an out-of-Iowa vacation with my wife & mother-in-law, both of whom want to drink bubbly wine pretty much every night.  So during the last week I have drunk a half-dozen different Proseccos, none of which were as inexpensive as the Ca’ Furlan.  Big surprise: none of them was better.  Wine Spectator text: “Balanced and lightly juicy, this creamy Prosecco offers textbook notes of white peach, almond skin and orchard blossom, as well as lemopn zest and spice details on the finish.”  All Right ! !