Over the course of my 15 years as a wine retailer, I found myself increasingly drawn to wines characterized by

  • a sense of graceful, harmonious balance
  • an expression of the place and culture from where they derive
  • value for the money
  • the experience of pleasure they offer to the drinker

In 2011, I started Best Case Wines, an importing and wholesaling company, in order to seek and promote wines that meet these criteria.

Wine is an agricultural product, like food.  There is a big difference between meals that have been thoughtfully & lovingly prepared and the kind of processed, corporately produced “food” so easily available to us.  The same is true of wine.

Wines I carry are grown by farmers
—people with a passion for what they’re doing.

I’m honored to make my living by bringing these wines to people who find everyday pleasure in enjoying and sharing them.

-Robert Morey